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Catherine Haddad Staller


Catherine Haddad Staller (USA) was stationed in Germany from 1993 to 2012 where she represented the United States in competitions throughout Europe at both national and international levels. With Maximus JSS, Cadillac and Winyamaro, she accumulated over 120 top ten placings and wins at Grand Prix.


In 2006, Haddad Staller was alternate for the US Dressage Team in Aachen at the World Equestrian Games. In 2007, with Maximus JSS, she finished seventh at the 2007 FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas.


In 2009, Haddad Staller won 9 Grand Prix with Cadillac and Winyamaro in European competitions. In 2010, she was Reserve for the US Dressage Team for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky and won the CDI-W at Dressage at Devon in the USA. Returning to Europe that fall, she represented the USA at the Leipzig FEI World Cup Final in April of 2011.


Haddad Staller returned to the USA in 2012 and opened training facilities in New Jersey and Florida which are still currently operating.


From 2014-2016, Haddad Staller rode for the USA in various Nations Cups and CDI5* in Europe and the USA with Mane Stream Hotmail, accumulating another 30 top ten placings. Haddad Staller intends to contend World Cup 2018, WEG 2018 and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 with her up-and-coming mounts, Semper Fidelis and Mane Stream Belstaff.


Haddad Staller received a B.A. from James Madison College at Michigan State University in 1987 and graduated with Honors. She is a recipient of the BHSAI certificate from the British Horse Society and has been awarded with the German Gold Medal for Dressage and the USDF Gold Medal. She credits Willi Schultheis, Rudolf Zeilinger and Morten Thomsen for her dressage education.


Haddad Staller is an active member of the International Dressage Riders Executive Board and coordinates closely with the International Dressage Trainers Club on issues effecting the sport at the international level.





Michelle Brady




Beginning her equine career in a small farming community in rural North Eastern Oregon, Michelle always aspired to learn more about her equine partners. Joining her local 4-H club at age 9 and getting her first horse, Michelle began riding seriously. Soon after, Michelle found herself working for the local cattle yard, sorting cattle for auction. In her spare time she broke in and trained riding horses for working the auctions as well as regularly showing her own horses in local shows including winning 2010 Champion UCSS. Michelle ran a quiet yet successful business from her home farm in Oregon helping owners with horses and breaking young horses in for riding.


When Michelle was 16 she began working for Grand Prix rider Carole Novitske. Michelle stayed under Carole's tutelage for 5 years before making the decision to move East to further her career in Dressage.


In 2012 Michelle was given the chance to work for world renown rider, Catherine Haddad Staller. After some years of hard work and dedication Michelle took over management of Haddad Staller's sales stable and continues to help bring world class horses into the American equine market. In 2017, Michelle won her first Prix St Georges on Winyamaro.





Nicole Stella


Nicole began her professional career working for top international show jumpers in the Toronto, Ontario area, gaining experience as a groom and exercise rider. She moved on to a position training young dressage horses at M2 Dressage, working for Esther Mortimer and Harper Mackenzie for five years, after which she gained some experience with upper level dressage through the late Jon Costin.


Nicole started her own training business in Canada in 2015 while competing and selling young horses for Stonehenge Stables in Toronto.


In 2017, she took a leap of faith and left for Europe to groom for Catherine Haddad Staller and her stellar mount, Semper Fidelis, during a fall tour of international shows. An exemplary horsewoman, Nicole showed great prowess in handling sensitive horses through demanding transportation and show schedules. She rode young horses for Haddad Staller during that summer tour and joined the US Team in 2018, preparing horses for show and sale.






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